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I was surprised when I started looking at deal of the day websites I really didn't have an idea of what I expected to find. I was just searching around seeing what I could find deals I could find. I was really pleased to find out that it's not hard to find nerely anything on a deal of the day website.


I like electronics, and nick knacks, so deal of the day shopping works for me very well.

One of the first great finds I made was a calorie counter and diet manager. It lets me keep track of my calories, and keep a rough track of my fat and carb intake. It really helps keep me on track with my low carbs, high fat diet plan. It was a great find, and I picked it up at more than 25% discounted! It really helps if you're the sort of person, (like me) that really hates having to count calories and grams.

I was having real trouble with my lower carb, higher fat intake diet, because it's hard to remember to keep track all the time. You can't just cut out carbs completely after all, you need to make certain you are getting enough of all the stuff you need, while making sure you keep on track with your plan. So this nifty little gadget helps me big time. I just remember to stick to the light fare selections when I eat out, and try to restrict myself to restraunts that give you the nutritional info on the menu.

Another great find I made was a heart rate monitor at a big cost reduction. It helps me a lot with my work outs. I had tried a couple of bargain basement heart rate monitors, but they always broke on me sooner, rather than later. So I kept a careful eye out and managed to purchase a much higher quality heart rate monitor, for just over $18, which was quite a good deal.

So now all I do is head to the gym and start getting into my working out. Every 10 minutes or so I check my heart rate monitor, to see where I'm at, then I either work harder, or lower my pace depending on my work out plan that day. Since I do a lot of cardio, it is a big help to me to stick to my plan for what I'm doing.

I have come across tons of really great deals just browsing around looking to see what's out there. That's the best thing about deal of the day website, you never know what they might have, and it's something new every day. Plus they generally have their merchandise at much lower prices.

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